Woodland Retreat Part 2

11th October 2019

By Leila Wallace

For the second part of our woodland retreat blog, we’re focusing on the key accessories you need for the rustic countryside trend.

Layers of rich colours and textures are an essential element of woodland retreat, to build up warmth and comfort and create the perfect cosy autumn/winter mood. Think faux furs, handcrafted woods and chunky knits to make your space warm and inviting this season.

Faux fur and sheepskin

Faux fur and sheepskin are perfect textures for layering to create comfort and warmth in the home. Use colours of the warm autumnal colour palette, for example rich mauves, mossy greens and deep navy blues. In any colour, these soft textures are essential for creating cosy interiors in woodland retreat.



Velvet is the perfect fabric for autumn/winter that keeps coming back in style. Incorporate velvet into woodland retreat by using the fabric in rich tones, such as warm golds, deep reds and midnight blues to create statement accessory pieces for your home this winter.


To continue building up layers and warm textures this winter, try overlapping cosy rugs to add a lovely welcoming and decorative feel to your space. These will look great over your rustic wooden floors too.


Wooden accessories are great for bringing elements of the outside in this season. Using wood creates a timeless and classic look, which looks great when paired with soft, comforting textures and accessories. Dark woods in particular are perfect for mirrors, coffee tables and other accessories, and will add to the handcrafted, rustic charm of your home.


In woodland retreat, layering up rich tones, warm textiles and rustic woods gives interiors depth, perfect for adding a soft, warmer edge and creating an inviting space to warm up in during the dark, cold autumn/winter months.

For more ideas on woodland retreat accessories, read our feature in this week’s ESPC paper.

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