Why website design matters

30th August 2019

By Leila Wallace

Ahead of the launch of our new website, we’ve been looking at why website design matters.

Quality website design is important for any business. Not only does it give a first impression of your brand but when used properly, it has the potential to turn a browsing viewer into a long-lasting client. As the first point of contact with clients for many businesses, your website can be key in setting you apart from your competitors. In today’s digital age, here’s 3 reasons why website design matters.

1. It creates a first impression

First impressions count and your website may be the first engagement a client has with your brand. If your website is unappealing and outdated, there’s a high chance your audience and potential clients will think your brand is too and turn to your competitors. When interesting and engaging, website design can assist in keeping your audience on your site and boost their interest in working with you.

Appearance wise, your web design should be eye-catching, detailed and reflect your brand as much as possible. It needs to leave a lasting impression. Usability is important too, your website needs to be fast, responsive and perform well across all platforms. If a potential client can see the effort you’ve put into your website, it gives them security in that you’ll do the same for them.

2. It can help drive traffic to your website with SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the hardest parts of running a successful website. Google and other search engines change their rankings daily, and SEO is important for any brand to ensure your online presence meet its maximum potential, by driving traffic to your website and ensuring that your site remains high in those rankings. Keywords are the foundation of successful SEO, so make sure you carry out some research and that your copy is focused, on brand and your services are detailed and up to date.

3. It can define and build your brand identity

Finally, website design is a great way to build your brand identity. It allows you to establish what styles work for you and what your business is truly about. Your website is your chance to present your brand values, promote your services and showcase your best work. Through enhanced web design, you can begin to define your brand personality and be on the road to success.

A well-designed website is the opportunity to show people why they should choose you and not your competitors. Your website should be well presented, accurate and reflect your brand at all times, but good website design comes down to user experience. Your site needs to completely cater to your potential client’s needs, draw them in and give them a reason to stay. Remember, your website is the digital face of your business!

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