What to get a designer for Christmas

3rd December 2019

By: Juliana Meade

With Christmas just around the corner, it’s time to kick start your shopping and find the perfect gift for your friends and family. Shopping for other people can be hard sometimes and even harder for creative people but our design team have a few ideas that may help. Here are some gift ideas that are great to get your designer friends and family.

Mug Warmer

Sometimes as a designer, you get really zoned into the project you are working on and completely forget about the cuppa right next to you. There is nothing worse than a cold cup of coffee! The answer to this problem is a simple electric mug warmer.

Ergonomic Mouse or Keyboard

It may not be as fun as the other gifts, but whoever you get it for will be very thankful for it down the road. Most of the day is spent on the computer using the mouse and keyboard so an ergonomic one can help relieve tension and pain they may feel in their hands or wrists.

Weekly Planner

Things can get pretty busy in a design studio with up and coming deadlines, so a weekly planner would be a great gift to get to help them stay organised. You can even personalize one by getting their name, photo, or their own design on it.

Anything Pantone

Not really sure what to get? Well anything Pantone makes a great gift. They have a wide array of things like mugs, notebooks, pencil cups, and flash drives with classic Pantone colours. You cannot go wrong with a gift from Pantone and it will be something colourful that brightens their workspace.

Desk Planter

Help make your designer’s desk a little greener by getting them a desk planter. It is a nice accessory that they can add to their workspace and brings the outdoors in.

No matter what the gift is though, it will be something that they are sure to love and will think of you every time they see or use it.

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