What is customer experience and why is it so important?

22nd July 2019

By Leila Wallace

Customer experience is all about a customer’s perception of a company. The series of interactions and touch points when doing business all form the start of the relationship and subsequent lasting impression between you and your customer. This ranges from initial contact to accessibility of services and of course the end result.

Creating an exceptional customer experience has the ability to set businesses apart from their competitors and drive business and company growth. Consistency, relationship building, and an overall high standard of customer service is essential.

What makes a good customer experience?

Communication is key! Customers are always looking for instant ways to communicate with you, so contact details need to be easily accessible and prominent across all touch points.

Through market research carried out by ESPC, it was highlighted that a call not being answered immediately, or an email not being responded to within 24hrs put potential customers off using the business. Customer buying habits are changing and you are likely to lose the business if you are not responding to the needs of your clients quickly and efficiently.

Research also highlighted that customers expect different communication channels to be available to them. Although an online presence is important, customers valued local premises with easy accessibility and want flexible options when it comes to making contact with you.

Online Accessibility

Your mobile presence is key along with first impressions, so make sure your website is compatible for mobile and provides the answers quickly. Research highlighted that customers will go elsewhere if mobile navigation and usability is poor or if the speed is too slow. Optimisation is key!


Research suggests that adding personal touches to your service offerings are very important and can add value to your business. Simple things such as follow up emails without a name or missing details of the conversation can have a negative impact. Customers want to feel connected to the seller, and if you’re enthusiastic about your product, chances are the customer will be too.

How can bad customer experiences impact your brand?

First impressions last a lifetime, and as negative customer experiences indicate future behaviour, these can have a detrimental impact on your business. It’s important to focus on feedback from customers, survey results continued to show that 95% of customers were more likely to share their bad experiences with others, and a further 88% of people have been influenced by online customer service reviews when making buying decisions. This may result in a decrease in company sales and generate a bad reputation.

A positive customer experience is crucial in the success of a business. Focus on communication, feedback, exceeding customers’ expectations and most importantly, improving all of these wherever possible.

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