Social media explained with doughnuts

Using social media to promote your business

23rd May 2016

Since the dawn of the smartphone, it’s now possible to communicate with almost anyone in the world, anywhere in the world (y’know, if you want to!) While many of us are using social media platforms to keep in touch with friends, see our aunt’s latest holiday photos, or post photos of our cat, businesses are also using the various platforms available, allowing them to connect to their customers in a way they never could before (sometimes by posting photos of cats, admittedly).

To some, using social media is easy; to others, it’s like trying to understand a foreign language. Rest assured though, there is likely to be a platform that will suit you, and once you get started you might find yourself having some fun with the features on offer. For those unsure of the differences between the platforms available, I find this explains it best:

Don’t be intimidated by the length of the list; many people appear to only use Twitter, Facebook, and occasionally Instagram, although you can, of course, use as many as you choose. They all have different benefits and attract different audiences.

Should you be tempted down the social media path (a bit like Dorothy on the yellow brick road), you’ll likely find that the time of day you post, tweet etc can vary your response rate from customers. If you’re left feeling somewhat bamboozled about which times to use which platform, this handy infographic is a good guide, after all, the internet is 24/7, even if you’re 9-5.

There are some studies that go into even more detail, but depending on your level of experience of using social media, or how much you plan on using it for your business, you may just want to stick with the basics. However, if you want to know more about the benefits of social media for your business, this article is very informative.

So why not give social media a shot? Before you know it, you could be interacting with your customers and business contacts more regularly, as well as in a more dynamic and fun way! Go on, you know you want to!

This article was written by Hannah Nock, designer at ESPC Design.

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