The value of design

Understanding the value of design

27th April 2016

How do you put a value against something that is often thought to be intangible? Good corporate design evokes the right feeling and reactions in the audience, helping you to be noticed and remembered. But how is it created and why should businesses invest in it?

Branding makes a company instantly recognisable. Think about Nike, Coco-Cola, McDonald’s, Virgin – they are strong brands that make themselves stand out in a busy market. But what’s also interesting is that these big brands know and understand the value of their trademark, refining and modernising over the years but maintaining an element of consistency throughout which keeps the brand so strong. And this is what good design is all about.

The Domino’s story

Domino’s are well known for their 2 for 1 deals on pizzas, but they also understand the importance of brand presence. They have been tweaking their branding over the years, simplifying their brand to stay relevant in the ever-growing market. The result is an icon that can stand alone without the typeface, demonstrating how recognisable they are to the public.

Evolution of the Domino’s logo

Recently Domino’s appointed Jones Knowles Ritchie (JKR) to develop their packaging to incorporate the brands distinctive character: bold, simple and charming. The new trend in design, especially within the packaging industry, is less is more. Domino’s is a great example to show you don’t have to completely redesign the brand to keep up with new trends.

New design by JKR

JKR’s aim was to ensure the new design would be distinctive to Domino’s. The new design was inspired by the agency knowing that 96% of pizzas were bought in pairs due to the 2 for 1 offer. The two designs make up the brands iconic red and blue logo and have minimal information to ensure maximum design impact.

The result is a bold design which will be remembered by consumers and the playful nature of the design has also seen it being shared across social media. Without any words, the brand has managed to connect with its target audience through clever design.

What is the value of design?

Your design is your chance to ‘speak’ directly to your customers and it needs to be employed across all of the different mediums. Your brochures, typeface, website, for-sale boards, corporate stationary, social media pages and advertising leaflets should all evolve from the same brand design.

Brand design should be at the core of how every business presents itself, how it attracts and retains customers and how it represents what people think about your company.

You could say that design is the most valuable element to a business (of course staff, customers, products, USPs are all really pretty important too!)

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