Tis the season to be marketing

1st November 2018

By Megan Rizzi

Ever heard the saying “the early bird gets the worm?” With seasonal marketing campaigns, this is definitely the case. Though it seems summer was here just a moment ago, it will soon be 2019, which means it is time to start planning for the new year. We are all no doubt asking ourselves “where has the time gone?” – but what really matters is that it is time for your next seasonal marketing campaign. With seasonal campaigns, advanced thinking is the name of the game. If you aren’t two steps ahead, you can easily fall behind before even realising it.

Especially around major holidays, we all get to be incredibly busy. We have so much going on each day; from organising holiday plans to wrapping up those end-of-the-year projects. Just making it through each day and completing your weekly duties can be task enough. It can be challenging to think outside of the moment and plan for tomorrow, let alone a month from now.

This is completely normal, but it also provides a spot to differentiate yourself. If you aren’t thinking about what is to come, then chances are, neither are your potential clients. This gives you an opportunity to make them think about your offering in the way you wish for them to perceive it. You have the power to create associations between a specific holiday or event and your company. This is your chance to craft a message they are not soon to forget.

Want your clients to think of your company as more fun? More innovative? Creative? Less corporate? More welcoming? Seasonal campaigns are a brilliant way to show your personality and have a little fun with your marketing products. Be willing to take a chance and mix things up a bit with something that will make people stop and look when they see your marketing campaigns. Try to get them to have a little laugh or shine a smile at your materials. Get them excited for the season that is to come. In turn, they will be excited about your offering and will demonstrate interest as well.

If you’re thinking that this all sounds grand, but don’t know how to make it happen for your company, do not fret. When you’re planning (in advance, of course) to start working on marketing materials for the next season, event, or holiday, your first step should be to decide on a feeling you want your clients to have when they see your materials. From there, play into different messages that display this feeling well. Keep in mind though that much of the message displayed is not actually through words, but through the design. Do you want the message to be a bit edgy, modern, sleek? Consider using only graphic elements and bold, simple typography. Want clients to feel warm and cosy for the cold season approaching? Think about using images of a family, fireplace, or include a sweet message that makes them smile.

Remember to always think about the whole package when designing a marketing campaign. Keep your ideal client group in mind, and time your campaigns according to when it is best for them to receive your materials. Plan in advance and send a clear message for your next seasonal campaign, with a touch of personality, of course.

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