Got a question for ESPC Design? Check out our frequently asked questions and answers below. If you can’t find what you are looking for, please complete the enquiry form on our contact page so we can get you the answer as soon as possible.

Turnaround Times

What time do I need to finalise an order for next/same day delivery?

For clients based within Edinburgh

Items sent to print by 11.00am will be couriered that afternoon. After that time, items will be delivered the following day.

For clients based out with Edinburgh

Items sent to print by 2.30pm will be sent that night, and items sent after 2.30pm will be sent the following day. All items are sent by Legal Post/DX.

Laminated items will be sent by Legal Post or Royal Mail within two working days.


Design Queries

Who do I contact to discuss a redesign?

Simply fill in our enquiry form and a member of the team will get in contact with you. We understand that each client is different and like to ensure that we can provide a personalised service.

Order Sizes

What is the minimum number of schedules I can order?

For an initial first run we can provide a minimum of 30 copies. If you require higher quantities, please contact us for a quote. The minimum number of schedules that can be ordered for a reprint is 25 copies.

Invoice Queries

Who do I contact to discuss invoicing?

If you have any queries relating to invoicing, please contact us on 0131 624 8598.

Order Requirements

What information do I need to provide when placing a schedules and/or window cards order?

To place an order with us, please complete our order form and email it to propertypress@espc.com along with text and photographs (and floor plans, if being used). If sending an order using a file uploading system such as Dropbox, please email your order form and a link to propertypress@espc.com.

Order Cancellations

I need to cancel an order as the property in question has already been sold/withdrawn for sale. What do I need to do in this instance?

If proofs have already been created for the order, please contact us as soon as possible and advise that the printed schedules and/or window cards are no longer required.

Please note that a cancellation fee will be charged in order to cover the time taken to produce the proofs. If an order has gone to print we are unable to cancel the order and the full payment will be required.

If no proofs have been created before an order is cancelled, we do not charge a fee.

Image Resolution

What size/resolution do my photos need to be when I send them to you?

For quality print materials, we would generally say that a file should be a minimum of 2800 pixels in width with a file size of at least 1MB. In general, bigger is better – it’s easy to reduce the size of an image but not possible to enlarge without losing its quality.

If sending photos by email you may wish to send them in batches of around two or three as high-quality photographs will be large files. You could also use an online file uploading system such as Dropbox. We are happy to discuss individual preferences for file sharing.