Brand Strategy

What is your competitive advantage? What makes you different from your competitors? What is your Unique Selling Point?

Not sure what makes you different and sets you apart from your competitors? Let us help you define your foundations which will provide your supporting structure.

Our objective is to ensure you are adapting to a changing market and you are providing a service which suits your target audience. We want to help you grow your market share ensuring you reach a wider audience. From strategy and training to content creation and audience segmentation we offer a range of services to help you reach a wider audience with a clear targeted marketing message.

  • Brand Proposition / USP

    Your brand directly affects your businesses ability to achieve its objectives. Your USP should be clear and definitive and anyone communicating your brand should live and breathe it. We can help you understand more about your target audience and define your unique selling point.

  • Social Media Marketing

    Did you know that 25% of first time buyers use social media to find their next home. Combine this with the ageing first time buyer market (now mid 30’s) and social media must form a part of your marketing strategy.

  • Email Marketing

    An effective e-mail marketing strategy enables you to build fantastic relationships with both new and existing clients and embrace referral based marketing. Relevant content converts passive readers into a more engaged audience.

  • Blog Management

    Relevant, interesting and valuable content allows businesses to build relationships. Content converts passive readers into a more engaged audience and provides a platform for you to showcase your knowledge and expertise.