Redefining what you and your customers need

By Sally Smith

Whilst restrictions slowly start to lift and businesses begin to reopen, there’s a positive feeling, along with hope that we might be on the verge of returning to “normal.” This, as we all know, will take time and it will be slow. Over the last year, everyone has had to adapt, more ways than one to cope with huge lifestyle, family and work changes.

Throughout this time though, we have all reassessed what we need to do to get through each day and from a work perspective, we have had to align all these changes with what our customers truly need, how do we still provide the service they expect and how do we meet our business objectives?

All of the above has had important implications for you and your business, whilst continuing to try and build lasting relationships with customers. Given the unprecedented nature of this pandemic and the profound changes it has caused, it has been vital to keep your business visible and your digital presence the strongest it has ever been. You have had to think hard and differently about what your customers in the next normal will think, feel, say, and do. The same now applies when looking forward and planning your marketing strategy.

Here are a few tips to keep your brand visible and at the forefront of your customers minds:

1. Focus on your online presence

We have all moved our lives online and have being relying on Zoom, Teams and Amazon to get us through the day. If you weren’t technically minded before the pandemic, then you certainly are now! As much we are all keen to get back to the office and have human interaction with our colleagues and clients, your digital presence still needs to remain a priority for your business. Key things to consider:

• Is the look and feel of your website reflective of where you are going as a business and how you have adapted over the last year? Are the visuals, the content, the layout all aesthetically pleasing, interesting to the customer and reflective of your brand?

• Do you have strong call to actions across the site? Can the customer request a pre-sale valuation quickly? Are their questions answered quickly or do they drop off your site because they can’t find what they’re looking for?

• Are your contact forms set up properly and do they go to the right people? Have you thought about automation? A great way to free up some of your admin time, whilst knowing the communication will continue at the level your customer expects.

• Is your website optimised for mobile? Your customer spends a high proportion of their time on mobile, more so than desktop so it is important that you create a strong user journey otherwise your client will drop off immediately.

• Refer to your google analytics to review performance. Simple tweaks can be made based on these findings, which can make a big difference to meeting your objectives.

2. Focus on a few main paid advertising channels

The ROI on PPC ads in many industries has grown substantially due to more people spending time at home and online. This is a great way to stay in front of your customers with strong, engaging messages and graphics with the appropriate call to actions.

Online ads have always been engaging, affordable, and well targeted, but now more than ever before, they offer you the ability to truly grow your business. It is important however to truly understand who your customer is and where they hang out so you can focus most of your PPC efforts on those channels.

3. Revisit, refresh and realign your communication strategy

As people’s priorities and needs change, the previous communication strategy you had in place may not be suited to meeting those needs. It would be a good idea to revisit your content strategy and think about what your customers need, where will they be to read this content and how do you engage with them more. This could mean redoing your social media/blog content calendar altogether to make sure you are focusing more on content that cater to questions related to the current situation. It it also about providing positivity and hope and to inform your customers that the market is very much open for business and you are there for them.

4. Give your office window displays an overhaul

As you start to think about getting a few of your staff back into the office, it is important that your window displays reflect your current services. This is a great place to attract new customers as they walk by. A few ideas for you to consider:

• Create eye catching window fillers to sit in amongst your properties. These could promote offers, services, seasonal messages. Keep them simple so they stand out.

• If you have a digital screen, create a series of pdfs on a loop which highlight your services and offers or if you have video content, this is a great way to engage with your customers. Keep it short though, your customers’ attention span will be short.

• Make sure your signage is fresh, up to date and on brand. Having chipped paint and broken signage will not create a lasting impression on your customers. You have one shot at capturing their attention.

A combination of all of the above can make a difference to how you connect with your customers and meet the objectives of your business. We are here to help so get in touch if you need some advice. Hopefully it won’t be long until we can meet in person and chat over some coffee and cake!

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