Preparing your post-lockdown marketing strategy

22nd July 2020

 By Sally Smith

Over the last few weeks since restrictions on house moves were relaxed, there has been a significant rise in buyer and seller activity, well-exceeding levels pre-COVID-19 in some cases. In amongst all this activity, it can be hard to take the time to envisage your future marketing strategy and implement some creative thinking. We have moved very quickly into a completely digital space which relies on innovative technology and new ways of working. For most, adopting new business processes has had to happen very quickly and with that comes a little panic and concern for the future.

Undoubtedly marketing your business is going to be tougher than ever due to increased competition as brands compete for attention. The growth of your business will depend on the strength of your strategy, how proactive you are and the creative execution of your messages. Striking the right tone at the right time with your content is critical.

What is important is how to get your business at the forefront of your customers’ minds. In order to do this, you will need to realign your existing strategy according to the needs, desires and demands of your customers. They are at the core of everything you do. Added to this is, of course, making sure all processes are aligned with the Government Guidelines and everyone is safe.

You may be feeling a little lost at the moment and unsure as to which way to go. Don’t worry, you are far from alone, we are all in it together. To keep it simple, we have provided below a guide on next steps which will hopefully help you start to build up that pipeline. You may need to take a few steps backwards in order to go forwards.

  1. Talk! It is simple, talk through your current situation. How have things changed? What are your customers asking for? How will you meet their needs? How does your company structure need to change to accommodate their needs? We are offering an initial free design & marketing consultation to provide some guidance, support and suggestions on how to navigate through the next few months. Some of the topics discussed are covered in this blog post about reaching your customers
  2. Rethink, reassess and realign – the 3 R’s. Your strategy from 4 months ago is bound to look very different from how things are now. Go back to the basics and think about the core services you offer and adjust them according to your customer’s requirements.
  3. Communicate – not just with your clients but also your team. Perhaps they have been on furlough, perhaps those who have remained working are feeling a bit frazzled. Be transparent with your staff so they know they are a part of the new strategy and are integral to the future development of the company.
  4. Timing, tone and transparency – this relates to your marketing messages. This is not the time for a sales pitch. You more than anyone understands the needs of your customers, so you need to pitch it right. Let them know you are there for them but be open and honest. Offer genuine content that has an emotional proposition.

If you haven’t already done so, start planning now. It is the best-prepared businesses that will capture the attention of the eager customer!

Get in touch to start the process.

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