ESPC Rebrand

August 2017

Work delivered:

  • Advertising
  • Branding
  • Design
  • Digital Design
  • Property Marketing
  • Video


ESPC has been helping buyers and sellers since 1971 and have maintained a strong, consistent brand built up over time to be the trusted local property experts in east central Scotland. The ESPC logo has remained relatively unchanged since launching. Many of the other SPC’s have recently been rebranded and the ESPC brand now needs to fall in line with that. ESPC as a brand now needs a fresh, more modern look which aligns with the company values of “Trust, Knowledge and Innovation”.


The work undertaken by ESPC Design for GSPC in order to modernise their logo and branding was also well-received by other SPCs around the country – leading to its adaptation and adoption by many of them. Consequently ESPC chose to implement its own version of this style. The challenge was to retain the recognition of the existing brand, while modernising it and aligning it with other SPCs, yet still making it unique.

The final logo is clean and simple, yet distinctive. The colour scheme allows it to be incorporated into the existing company identity without seeming incongruous, and allows a simple swap for the old version in areas where time and cost would preclude a complete redesign of materials, both for the company and its members who use the branding.

Logo and Brand Guidelines



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