Out with the old, in with the new: Design Trends 2020

6th January 2020

By: Juliana Meade

We are now in a new year AND a new decade and with that comes new trends that will shape the things to come. The last ten years has brought a lot of new design trends that have evolved and changed ever so slightly each year. Today however, we are going to look at a few predictions for new and evolving design trends that may be seen over the coming year.

Back to the drawing board with Line Art

Line art is what it sounds like. It is simply just a drawing that consists of straight or curved lines to create an image. Line art is a great way to tell a story or to convey a message since it can be very simplistic. In contrast, line art can also be heavily detailed and elegant. A move away from software is sometimes needed and this is the perfect way to apply pen to paper.

Interactive Animation

Move over GIFs! Animation is only going to get better and better in 2020. Micro animation, and mouseover effects are just a few examples of the type of animation that is going to be popular this year. Interactive animation is a great way to get your users more engaged with your work.

Let’s go BOLD

Anything bold is what goes in 2020. Whether it is typography, colours, or illustrations, designers are going to be creating things that grab attention. Bold is edgy and stands out, perfect for getting people to remember your work.

Colour Transitions are here to stay

I did say in with the new out with the old, however colour transitions, also known as gradients, aren’t leaving us in 2020. Colour transitions are a great and easy way to be bold with colour. With colour transitions you have the power to invoke certain feelings depending on what colours are used and how they are used. They can be incorporated into print materials, web design, logos and much more.

These are just a few of the many designs trends that we may see in 2020 so stay tuned for part two!

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