Out with the old, in with the new: Design Trends 2020 – Part 2

10th February 2020

By: Juliana Meade

For the second part of our design trends in 2020, we are looking at a few more predictions for the year ahead. These trends will actually be seen a lot within digital design, however they can still be used within other more traditional marketing materials.

Stay minimalistic

Everyday life may be getting busier and busier, but designs are set to become more minimalistic. It is all about simplifying things and keeping things fresh. The simpler the design, the better. A few ways to incorporate this trend into your website is by having no more than a couple of primary colours complimented with a couple of accent colours. Embrace the negative space and avoid too much text to cut down on scrolling. The website is therefore easier to navigate and provides a stronger user journey.

Don’t lag behind, start using video

Now that smartphones have 4K video recording, it is now much easier and less expensive to create a video. Video can be used and incorporated into any part of your website or marketing material such as newsletters and across your social media platforms. A few examples could be to summarise what your company does, company culture, company values and testimonials. Come back to our blog at the start of next month to learn more about the importance of video marketing.

Keep it real with authentic images

Photos are extremely popular within marketing because they help tell a story and show your product and personality. There are millions of stock images that are readily available to use, however some of them are very obviously staged. Wherever possible try to use authentic images which are unique to you as these can help portray that you are a genuine business with genuine people.

Custom illustrations help set you apart

Similar to the return of line art in 2020, this is another chance to return back to pen and paper if you choose. Illustrations are great for telling a story or help break down a page that is text heavy. By creating custom illustrations, it separates your website or marketing material from competitors. Another bonus is that customers may begin to associate that specific style or type of illustration with your business which will help build your brand awareness.

If you want to incorporate any of these trends into a future website or within other marketing materials, contact our team as we would love to help bring your vision to life.

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