Old school advertising

15th October 2018

In our online world, with the constant connection of mobile phones, and the proliferation of social media, it does seem that we are beginning to get all our information through a screen. For advertisers, it promises precise targeting and analysis of results. It’s easy to imagine that we’re all on Facebook constantly, blithely ignoring the real world.

The reality, however, is that we do all still live in the real world, not a virtual one. In this world, there are still plenty of opportunities for advertising that might just provide a better reach and return than their online equivalents.

The presence of advertising in key areas, such as on billboards, or on public transport (and their stops and stations) has the potential to reach a wide section of people, especially if one wishes to target consumers within a particular geographic area.

Think of a billboard next to a busy road (and note that they’re often at junctions, where people are forced to stop for a time) and consider how many drivers pass there every day, not to mention the passengers on buses or the pedestrians walking the street. In terms of creating brand awareness in a particular area, it is a very powerful tool.

One shouldn’t think that these need to be old-fashioned methods, either. Many large billboards, and also smaller adverts in places like bus stops, now use screens to display short sections of video. This will allow a more eye-catching piece of work than a static image alone.

Even static images can be moving, though. Buses and taxis routinely carry advertising on their sides and interiors, ensuring that your message and brand will be seen across a much larger area than a simple billboard or bus stop ad allows. In Edinburgh, for example, buses generally travel from one side of the city to the other, often passing through the centre, and past the eyes of many potential customers.

These kinds of adverts are also somewhat unavoidable to the average person. Online, people can be very reluctant to actually click on adverts, for security reasons as much as anything else. Indeed many users routinely block ads in the course of their web browsing.

Having large outdoor advertising can also be seen to add to your brand’s prestige in addition to its presence in the mind of your target audience. So while digital advertising can doubtless perform a significant role in marketing your business, it would be unwise to discount more traditional methods out of hand.

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