Growing your business by signing off

15th March 2018

Of all the marketing channels available to a company, the humble email signature is one that is constantly overlooked by many. Its potential should not be so easily dismissed, however.

We all send email – some sources estimate the average worker sends 35 a day, although lots of us will send many more. Every one of those emails has a recipient who can become an audience for your brand, your skills or your marketing; not utilising it seems a waste of such a gilded opportunity.

There are some key features that a signature needs to include – your full name, phone number and email – if you use fax, then that too. It is important to remember that your signature is an extension of your brand, so it should conform to your brand guidelines in terms of colour and typefaces. You should also feature your company logo, of course.

The real benefit of using a custom email signature is that it allows you to publish content to a ready audience. You can link to your own website, or to social media channels – there’s a good chance that people may be more inclined to follow a link if you’re already in conversation with them. Additionally, if you’re in conversation with a customer, or potential customer, then you can advertise your services to them – they may be aware of only a portion of those you offer. It may be that you have seasonal campaigns and wish to tie details in your signature into those campaigns, or perhaps special offers.

The potential of email signatures is far larger than one might imagine, and there are a couple of points to help maximize that potential. Firstly it should always be consistent across your business – even if you are promoting different services from different areas, the style should be in line with your branding. You should also ensure that it is eye-catching, while not being too dense on information – people won’t read something that is too wordy.

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