RIO 2016 branding

Branding wins gold

21st August 2016

Rio was a great success, not just for Team GB and their medal haul, but also from a branding perspective. And with the Paralympics due to start next week, the Rio motif is sure to be in the spot light once again.

Creating a logo for an Olympic games is a massive challenge. The scale of the project is daunting. The logo must work on an international stage, on something as small as a pen or keyring, be emblazoned across the city and broadcast around the world to millions of viewers. It’s easy to see why it is regarded as one of the toughest graphic design challenges in the world.

But the Rio 2016 logo, which features three colourful figures holding hands and linking feet has created not only a branding device which works across all the different media, they’ve also made it in to a 3D model which has been presented to each medal winning athlete further emphasising the importance of the brand to the overall feel of the games.

The logos were inspired by the shapes of Rio de Janeiro’s mountains and represents the unity and teamwork  that the Olympics demands, reflecting the local culture.

The Paralympics logo is a great example of a sympathetic and cohesive design of a linked brand. It encompasses the same feeling and attributes, yet still has its own distinct identity.

The Rio 2016 logos are also likely to age well. They are modern, without being trendy, with the implied dimensionality and bright colours. The contemporary design is a beautiful icon.

The Rio branding success is all the more impressive when we consider the criticism surrounding the London 2012 logo which wasn’t felt to encapsulate the essence of the games, it’s dated feel or represent London itself. And the Tokyo 2020 logo has already had to be redesigned after plagiarism accusation has seen the original logo being withdrawn! Well done Rio!

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