The focus is no long on the brand but brand experience

Branding in 2016

15th February 2016

Creating a brand that resonates with your clients and helps you to promote yourself in a busy marketplace is, from a design perspective, one of the most important things that you can do. More than just your logo, branding defines what people feel, think and say about your company.

In 2016, we expect that consumers will want brands that are more personal and connected. The focus will no longer be on the brand, but on the brand experience.

Connect with the user – In 2016, the brand won’t stand in isolation, but it will be the brand experience that really connects with the user.

Personalisation – growing in importance is the ability to interact with customers on a personal level and promote human attributes to connect emotionally.

Simplicity – the font and typeface used will focus on bespoke and minimal, with clear iconography, where simplicity is key.

Having a design that captures the experience you want your customers to enjoy is, therefore, essential.

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