4 top tips on blogging

15th March 2018

The fourth of our Breakfast Seminars took place today and the topic was Blogging and News.

Whether you have a blog or not, it is important to know the importance of it and the impact it can have on the growth of your business. Your blog is a marketing channel – just like social media, direct marketing and email marketing.

Blogging gets you more exposure online, it tells the story of your brand and allows your personality to shine through. It can boost your website’s SEO – fresh content is really important for driving traffic to your website resulting in long term SEO benefits. Your blog also highlights your expertise, your knowledge and services thus positioning yourself as an authority within the industry.

If you are looking to set up a blog for the first time or looking to improve your existing one, here are our top 4 tips to get you started:

What should I blog about?

  • Start by doing a keyword search within Google to find out which topics come up. This is a good starting point to generate some topics and themes.

  • Carry out some competitor analysis and see what others are doing within your industry. You can simply look at their websites or you can use tools such as http://buzzsumo.com or https://www.similarweb.com
  • Some good old fashioned brainstorming is a great way to generate ideas. Set aside some time with your colleagues to discuss this together.

Think outside the box

  • What would your potential customers like to read? Ask them!
  • Create a relationship through your blog and speak directly to them
  • Solve a problem
  • Cross-sell

How to write a killer blog post title

Your title is extremely important as it will catch the readers eye and make them want to read it. Make your title intriguing and include keywords.

Here are some useful templates to get you started:

Best practice tips for blogging

  • Write in plain English
  • Use headings
  • Break up text with paragraphs
  • Use relevant images
  • Include links to other blog posts/pages on your site
  • End with a call to action
  • Don’t duplicate content
  • Promote, promote, promote!

Take home points on blogging

  • Blogging works best when it’s consistent.
  • It doesn’t always have to be industry related
  • What is your call to action, what do you want customers to do?
  • Produce helpful, useful and valuable content
  • Promote!

Key things to remember – your posts do not have to be industry related. Your blog is not only to add value to new clients but existing clients also. Keep your articles to the point and make the blog easily shareable on social media to increase views.

Having a blog helps to increase brand awareness. Without a strong brand, you run the risk of becoming invisible. Be focused and stay focused. Read our Brand Strategy blog for more information on this.

Need some help getting started? Get in touch to find out how we can help you.


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